Pressure Seal Waterproofing


Spray Applied Membrane Waterproofing

Water-based, asphalt emulsion modified with a blend of synthetic rubbers and special adhesives. It cures rapidly to a monolithic, highly flexible waterproofing membrane.

Typical Uses
Designed to be a waterproof and vapor barrier membrane. This membrane can be applied to concrete, CMU, wood, and metal. Useful for a variety of applications including decks, foundation, and retaining walls.

Features and Benefits
  • Performs as a vapor and water barrier
  • May be applied to Green Concrete, damp surfaces, and EPS Forms
  • Non-flammable, solvent free
  • Excellent Elongation and Recovery
  • Good tensile strength
  • Exceptional bonding
  • Creates a seamless membrane
  • Fast cure
  • No priming necessary

Self-Adhering Sheet Applied Waterproofing Membrane

Sheet membranes are self-adhering consisting of 56 mils (1.4mm) of rubberized asphalt laminated to 4 mils (0.1mm) of polythylene to form a minimum of 60 mil (1.5mm) membrane. Sheet membrane is a summer grade material, suitable for installations where the ambient temperature is 40º F (4.4 C) or above. Sheet membrane should be used for applications between 25ºF (-3.9ºC) and 65ºF (18ºC). The combination of these two excellent waterproofing materials provides a high-performance, extremely durable waterproofing barrier.

Typical Uses
Sheet membranes are used for vertical and horizontal waterproofing on structural foundation walls and decks. Below-grade foundation walls, tunnels, split slabs, plaza decks and parking decks are all areas where Sheet membranes may be applied. Sheet membranes also may be used in interior areas such as mechanical rooms, laboratories, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Features and Benefits
  • Fully Adhered Membrane which eliminates water migration which can otherwise cause leakage through cracks
  • Factory controlled thickness that eliminates thin spots which could be easily penetrated, allowing leakage
  • Preformed sheets which eliminate pinholding
  • Flexibility over cracks: elastomeric properties accommodate normal expansion and contraction of the substrate
  • Resists Hydrostatic pressure
  • Mechanically strong
  • Easy to apply
  • Cost-competative: the highest performance system with the best life cycle cost

Bentonite Clay Waterproofing System

Bentonite has a uniform layer of sodium bentonite clay that is sandwiched between a durable, puncture resistant, nonwoven polypropylene fabric and then needle punched together with thousands of high strength denier yarns. These fibers are then thermally fused to the polypropylene in a patented Infrabond™ procedure that locks the sodium bentonite into place.

Typical Uses
Bentonite is designed for waterproofing below-grade structural slabs as well as construction methods incorporating lagging, concrete caisson or shotcrete retention walls. Bentonite is also very effective in rehab waterproofing and zero clearance property line construction.

Features and Benefits

  • High Shear Construction
  • Impermeable waterproofing barrier when hydrated
  • Self-sealing when punctured or penetrated
  • Totally flexible
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Nontoxic, nonpolluting, no fumes
  • Economical and easy to install
  • Cold weather application
  • Hydrated panel edges prevent material loss during insulation
  • Continuous protection layer

Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane

Liquid applied is a single component, moisture cured, elastrometic, coat-tar free, modified polyurethane which cures to form a flexible, monolithic, waterproof membrane on vertical or horizontal surfaces, above or below grade. The membrane has tenacious adhesion to concrete substrates preventing lateral water migration. The inherent toughness and resilience of this membrane enables it to bridge structural or shrinkage cracks which may develop in the substrate.

Typical Uses
Liquid applied membrane is available in two viscosities (H&V) for application to horizontal and vertical surfaces. Typical applications are between structural slab and wearing course on parking garages, plaza decks, balconies, roof decks, terraces, mechanical equipment rooms, foundations, wetrooms, malls, kictchens, and shower stalls. Liquid applied membrane is ideally suited for waterproofing on below grade foundation walls, tunnels, planters, and other areas where a seamless, elastomeric waterproofing is required.

Features and Benefits

  • Liquid-applied Membrane
  • Single component
  • Moisture cured
  • Coat-tar free
  • Vertical or Horizontal application
  • Cures to an Elastomeric, Monolithic Membrane
  • Provides tenacious adhesion
  • Perfect for planters
  • Can be used on smaller areas and detail work


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